Soloing by Trial and Error

CEB's guidebook, Soloing by Trial and Error, is an exclusive FREE resource developed to help attorneys go solo and fast-track business growth. Get insider advice on career and business development.

Business Growth Hacks from the Experts

A law firm is no different from any other business. It sells legal services to consumers. When you start your solo practice, you're opening a small business, and you need to be strategic about planning long before you open. In this guidebook, Mujdah Rahim lays out how to set your law business up for success from the very start. Thoughtful planning and efficient procedures show, and are excellent client retention and marketing tools. Learn about:

  • Developing a flexible, realistic business plan
  • Molding your brand, which is at the heart of your business
  • What should be in your policies and procedures—and why you need both
  • What exactly is "marketing," and when does it occur?
  • What return on investment (ROI) metrics you should track, and what tools can help you track them

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