Tips for Optimizing Your Online Legal Research 

CEB's guidebook, Tips for Optimizing Your Online Legal Research, is an exclusive FREE resource developed to help attorneys use their research time in the most effective way.

After you’ve spoken with your client and reviewed the case or matter file, where should you start your legal research?

When you’re short on time and juggling multiple deadlines, you need to optimize your workflow. You want to do your research as efficiently as possible, and your clients need to trust that you’re finding the right answers, quickly. In this free guidebook, CEB's Interim Head of Product Stephanie Walker uses CEB's online research tool to cover tips and tricks for optimizing your online legal research. Her advice is applicable to any legal research tool.

She covers:

  • Crafting effective search terms
  • Getting the most out of primary and secondary sources
  • Mastering search filters
  • Understanding the power of case law citators
  • Doing a cost-benefit analysis of free vs. paid resources

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