Notarization in the Age of COVID

As we continue to navigate new changes posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, traditional methods of locating notaries have become less effective as businesses move away from the physical office.

CEB's guidebook, Notarization in the Age of COVID, is a FREE resource developed to help attorneys navigate getting documents notarized virtually.

Use Remote Online Notarization Confidently

Options for notarization now include in-person and remote online notarization (RON), even in states which haven’t passed legislation to allow it. RON may work for document signers with tech support via specialized notarization partners.

Download CEB's free guidebook by Eli Angote and Jeremy Ofseyer to learn about:
  • How to make RON successful
  • Technology you need for RON
  • Authentication of the signer's identity
  • The RON process
  • RON laws
  • Estate planning law and RON

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