LinkedIn for Attorneys

CEB's guidebook, LinkedIn for Attorneys: Creating Your Personal Brand and Writing Highly Visible Posts, is an exclusive FREE resource developed to help attorneys go solo and fast-track business growth. Get advice from experienced attorneys on career and business development.

Creating Your Personal Brand and Writing Highly Visible Posts on LinkedIn

If you're not taking advantage of LinkedIn, you're missing out! In CEB's free guidebook, trade secret attorney and experienced speaker Anabella Bonfa details how LinkedIn is ideal for creating a personal brand. It reaches a professional audience, you can connect with other professionals there, and many clients will view a potential attorney's profile on LinkedIn before retaining the attorney.

Download CEB's free guidebook and learn how to:

  • Create a brand with your profile. Your brand is personal to you. It will be different from anybody else's.
  • Write a headline that describes what you do.
  • Write a background summary that answers two key questions: Who are your clients? What do you do for them?
  • Use pictures strategically.
  • Ask for, and get, great client recommendations.
  • Share articles, pictures, videos.
  • Market other professionals (the more you market other people, the more business comes back to you).

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