How to Speak Persuasively, Whether in Person or Remote

CEB's guidebook, How to Speak Persuasively, Whether in Person or Remote, is a FREE resource developed to help attorneys go solo, network effectively, and fast-track business growth. 

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As a lawyer, you can craft a compelling argument and to appeal to your listener's intellect. But for people to hear what you say, you need to craft HOW you say it. Learn how to leverage those aspects of public speaking essential to engaging and persuading an audience. Richard Bannin,, shows you how to project presence and authority through body language, voice, eyes and use of space. Understand how to use specific speaking techniques to consistently achieve your objectives with clients (current and prospective), judges and juries.

Download CEB's free guidebook and learn about:

  • How to harness the powerful emotional right side of the brain to influence the analytical left side
  • Presence and authorityand how to project both
  • Body language—maybe even more important remotely
  • How to use pauses to best effect
  • The power of eye contacteven with a large or remote audience
  • What metaphors and stories can do for you

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