Quelling Clients' Fear of Video Mediation (and Yours Too)

Video mediation has shot to prominence recently as the best way to get to settlement—during a pandemic, and possibly afterwards as well.

CEB's guidebook, Quelling Clients' Fear of Video Mediation (and Yours Too), is a FREE resource developed to help attorneys go solo, operate effectively, and fast-track business growth.

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Your clients might feel nervous about using video mediation, and you might too. This guidebook by Teddy Snyder, snydermediations.com, can help you address any fears and set you up to use the medium wisely and successfully. It covers all the details you need to help you succeed in video mediation.

Download CEB's free guidebook and learn about:

  • Client expectation management
  • Advantages of remote mediation
  • Technical aspects of remote mediation
  • Overcoming objections
  • Client preparation
  • Best practices

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