The Business of Law

Law Practice Success in Uncertain Times

In collaboration with the Los Angeles Incubator Consortium, CEB has put together a free webinar series to bring you legal experts that speak to the how-tos and the what-to-dos of building and sustaining a successful law practice, business, and career. Learn how to capitalize on your connections, grow your network through social media, command a negotiation, find new clients, collect fees, work with automation tools, go out on your own, and much more. This live webinar series does not provide MCLE credit.

On Demand versions of previous webinars are available on CEB's YouTube channel as well as on Golden State Lawyers, CEB’s home for free content, featuring experienced California attorneys and industry thought leaders.

Beth Mora & Mary Grace Guzmán

Date: Thu Mar 19, 2020, 12-1pm

The nature of legal work often requires high levels of social interaction whether it be in our offices or in the court. Beth Mora and Mary Grace Guzmán will discuss crucial considerations and offer solutions regarding lawyers' responsibilities to their employees and clients.

This webinar is over.

It will be posted on Golden State Lawyers and CEB's YouTube channel soon.



Interested in speaking? Do you have expertise you want to share? Send us an email and let us know.


Teddy Snyder

Date: Thursday, May 7, 12-1pm

Quelling Clients' Fear of Video Mediation (And Yours Too)
Video mediation has shot to prominence as the best way to get to settlement during a national quarantine—and possibly afterwards as well. Maybe your clients feel nervous about using this medium. This webinar will cover all the details you need to help you and your clients succeed in video mediation.

This program will be eligible for 1 MCLE hour at a later date with a CEB CoursePass or legal research plan.

The live webinar is over, but you can see it now On Demand on CEB's YouTube channel.

Allison Margolin & Raza Lawrence

Date: Thursday, May 14, 1-2pm

Emergency Regulations during a Time of Emergency: COVID-19 & Criminal Law
This webinar will cover state and federal criminal justice rules, regulations, and trends during the coronavirus pandemic. We will discuss reforms, setbacks, and the staying power of moving towards a non-custodial system for non-violent offenders; we will also discuss the concepts of punishment and deterrence.

The live webinar is over. Look for the On Demand version soon on CEB's YouTube channel.

Simon Khinda & Jason Brooks

Date: Friday, May 15 1-2pm

The Impact of COVID-19 on Transactions and What the CARES Act Offers
In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, people are scrambling to understand their rights and obligations. This program will review commercial and real estate agreements, what to look for, and what common law rights a party may have. The program will also discuss some of the benefits the CARES Act offers for real estate owners.

The live webinar is over. Look for the On Demand version soon on CEB's YouTube channel.

Stephanie Walker

Date: Thursday, May 21 12-1pm

Tips for Optimizing Your Online Legal Research
When you’re short on time and juggling multiple deadlines, your clients need to trust that you’re researching efficiently and finding the right answers, quickly. Using CEB’s online research tool to demonstrate, this webinar will cover tips and tricks for optimizing your online legal research, including understanding the cost-benefit analysis between free and paid resources, crafting effective search terms, getting the most out of primary and secondary sources, mastering search filters, and understanding case law citators. 

The live webinar is over. Look for the On Demand version soon on CEB's YouTube channel.