Building Professional Confidence: Why and How

CEB's guidebook, Building Professional Confidence: Why and How, is an exclusive FREE resource developed to help attorneys develop professionally, go solo, and fast-track business growth. 

Building Real Competence Builds Healthy Confidence

For lawyers and other legal professionals, confidence is critical. It unquestionably helps in your communications with others. More importantly, confidence is arguably required in order to fulfill one’s ethical obligations. 

In this guidebook, Maria Hall, Amanda M. Rokita, and Pinky Ghuman give invaluable guidance on building confidence, competence, and stretching beyond your comfort zone.

Download CEB's free guidebook and learn about:

  • How to build, grow and ensure your professional competence
  • What superpowers you have as an attorney
  • How to uncover and develop your lawyer superpowers (and your confidence)
  • How to create your own supportive professional community
  • Self-acceptance and facing fears
  • The difference between false confidence and healthy confidence

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