Strategies for Building a Successful Small Firm Litigation Practice

CEB's guidebook, Punching Above Your Weight: Strategies for Building a Successful Small Firm Litigation Practice, is an exclusive FREE resource developed to help attorneys go solo and fast-track business growth. Get advice from experienced professionals on career and business development.

Punching Above Your Weight

Don't let the daunting task of starting your own litigation practice deter the entrepreneur in you from branching out on your own.

In this free guidebook, Lewis Hudnell covers strategies for starting your own practice, getting your first case, handling large and complex matters, growing your practice, and going toe-to-toe with big firms.

Download CEB's free guidebook and learn about:

  • What kind of capital or savings you'll need
  • How to develop the relationships that will help your business
  • What kinds of cost structures will work for you
  • Why location matters
  • How to creatively build a solid support team

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